Client story

Suncorp aspire to be a digital first organisation, enabling customers to save time and have the best possible experience

Like many organisations they are finding the recruitment landscape challenging but have extremely talented employees with vast experience of Suncorp ways of working.

Suncorp tasked Mentem with the challenge of reskilling front line workers to become business process analysis.

Mentem's solution was the co-design Business Process Modelling learning program, incorporating formal, social and on the job learning, with particular reference to Suncorp ways of working. To select learners, Mentem ran assessments to identify employees with the highest probability of successful career transition. Mentem also ran a coaching program with formally evaluated role plays to select coaches for the program.

The learning journey utilised best in class program design using content developed by leading UNSW experts in business process management and cross cutting skills.

Pencil paper 14 Weeks Build time for 160-hour bespoke course
Tick 100% Learner completion rate
Graph 89% Learners secured a new job internally

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