Our team

Arvind Sampath CEO

Arv has over 25 years of experience in managing large teams and delivering technology programs in the Higher Education, Publishing, Construction and Engineering industries. He has been with UNSW for over 10 years, helping to develop and implement the university’s 2025 strategy and now as CEO of Mentem, has taken on a leadership role in driving and implementing UNSW’s lifelong learning strategy. Outside of work, Arv is passionate about cricket, rugby league, politics and cooking.

Steve Crooks Head of Product

Steve has over 15 years’ experience in education and digital product management, having built edtech teams and innovative programs across a variety of sectors worldwide. At Mentem Steve leads a team responsible for the research, design, development and evolution of our digital platforms and tools. In his free time he runs marathons and the occasional ultra.

Liz Smith Learning Director

Liz has more than 25 years’ experience in learning design and the student experience in higher education. She has designed some of Australia’s most innovative and highly regarded learning programs and received national recognition for her work. Liz developed the Mentem learning model and FIRST principles and leads the learning design team who ensure Mentem programs meet client and learner needs. In her spare time, Liz is a keen cyclist, hiker and café and coffee research assistant.

Garth Crossley Client Relationship Director

Garth has 15 years experience in Talent mobility, diagonistics and Implementing large scale upskilling programs. Some of the projects he’s most proud of include developing a framework and solution for a global telecommunication client to be able to identify the level of digital acumen of the entire workforce and; working with Suncorp to build a talent academy to protect the knowledge of hundreds of employees and help them develop skills for the future. He love’s a challenge no matter how big.

Erin Nixon Learning Designer

A lifelong learner, Erin brings over a decade of learning design experience to the Mentem team. She is passionate about creating engaging learning experiences that foster comprehension, critical thinking, and real-world application. Erin lives at the intersection of pedagogy and technology. She has developed digital assessments, simulations, products and programs for learners in K-12, higher education and organisations in Australia and the US.

Charlie Wright Client Relationship Associate Director

Charlie is a commercial leader who delivers through communicating, understanding, teaching, and listening. He has negotiated large-scale revenue-generating partnerships within the public and private sectors. He has consulted on organisational strategy, leadership development, process optimization, and digital transformation. He has a particular interest in transparent government, effective public service, and sensible public policy. He is committed to supporting governments and industries to improve their capabilities, and believes in the ethos of life-long learning. He holds a dual honours degree in Social Policy and Criminology from a top UK university and has studied Law in Australia.

Samantha Cornall Client Success Manager

Samantha Cornall is a dedicated professional with expertise in project and events management, business development, consulting, and account management. With a diverse background in higher education, sports, hospitality, cultural development, and recruitment, she has built strong relationships and stays updated on new concepts and offerings. Samantha thrives on challenges and making a difference, working effectively as a self-motivated team player. Committed to ongoing learning and development, she believes in bringing her best self to work each day, contributing to the success of her colleagues and the organization.

Natasha Krüger Client Success Manager

Natasha Krüger is highly regarded for her exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge. She has a talent for quickly understanding and conveying complex ideas with clarity. Natasha consistently goes above and beyond to support her team and clients, demonstrating a proactive approach in identifying and addressing potential issues. Her commitment to personal and professional growth is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and staying up-to-date with industry trends. Natasha is a valued collaborator who sets clear expectations and excels under pressure, consistently delivering outstanding results.

Eloise O'Dwyer Client Success Manager

Eloise is a results-driven professional with a proven track record in client management, strategy implementation, and team leadership. She brings a unique skill set with a background working with enterprise clients across the recruitment space and working in public relations. She is dedicated to fostering meaningful partnerships and elevating organisations through strategic learning and development initiatives. When working hand in hand with clients, Eloise provides ongoing support, addressing challenges promptly, and proactively identifying opportunities for enhancing the overall client experience. She often goes the extra mile to ensure program delivery excels.

Philip Ip Tech Lead

Philip has a proven track record of delivering award-winning, cutting-edge solutions to prestigious clients in government, banking, and universities. He also founded an EdTech startup backed by a global venture capital firm. With more than 18 years of professional experience in the IT industry, his expertise covers frontend/backend/mobile development, data engineering, data science, and infrastructure management. Philip is driven by a strong commitment to innovation and aims to create impactful solutions that drive societal transformation.

Jenny Shao Customer Experience (CX) Designer

Meet Jenny, a seasoned CX/UX designer with over 9 years of experience across diverse industries, including education, architecture, and finance. Her passion for design is matched only by her love for collaborating with others and working in agile environments. Jenny’s creative and analytical approach to problem-solving has helped her bring fresh perspectives to every project she’s worked on, resulting in outstanding outcomes for her clients. Outside of work, Jenny enjoys exploring architecture, hiking, photography, sketching, and cooking

Key Hui Architect & Senior Software Engineer

Key is a highly experienced full-stack software engineer with over 16 years of experience in implementing software solutions that meet the needs of businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries. He is proficient in a variety of programming languages and serverless frameworks on AWS. In his leisure time Key enjoys running and playing soccer.

Andrew Truman Full Stack Engineer

Andrew joined the Mentem team at the start of 2023. He’s an experienced full-stack engineer who has worked across development and systems admin roles in a range of start-ups and sectors. Outside of Mentem, Andrew is a dog person and has worked with foster animals.

Eva Zhang Project and Production Coordinator

Eva is a project management professional focused on delivering excellence to all her projects and collaborations. She embraces the ethos of lifelong learning and development, a belief that drives her to constantly refine her skills and expertise while staying up-to-date with new learning and industry trends. When she's not immersed in project management, Eva indulges in her passion for scuba diving, exploring the depths of the ocean and the wonders it holds.

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